Stock Analysis

Free tool to get financial analysis by Studio Rain to help you make more money.

We do share our analysis about stocks, commodities and currencies! We are trying to help you make more money from stock markets.

After our success in Forex Signals app, we will share the analysis about all market stuff.

What are you going to find in this app?
1- Stock analysis.
2- Commodity analysis.
3- Currency analysis and informations.
More than %70 success analysis.

In our detail page, you will have information about resistance points and support points of the financial instrument. In the top of the page, you will get our analysis image, tap it to make it bigger!

Our SR Indicator is also a signal provider. You may reference it when you trade! Buy or sell signals for forex, commodities and stocks.

You will get a notification when a new analyze has been added to the system. We are going to inform you about it.

Attention: This app is only for suggestions about stock markets. These are not investment recommends. If you do not have enough experience about markets, please be careful and do not enter a trade only by using our application, this app only guides you.